We have heard over and over how our BMI (Body Mass Index) shouldn’t be over 25. After that, we have all these different health risks and are supposedly fat. It doesn’t take into account muscle mass (if you recall from Health class, muscle weighs more than fat), so that immediately jacks it up, and other factors. You could be super skinny, have no muscle mass and be in the healthy range of 18-25. Or you could have muscle mass and be over that 25.

What’s even better, is that some insurance companies base your premiums on this or how much your life insurance will cost! Lucky for us, the smart guys over at UCLA have realized this is an archaic way of deciding how healthy we are. Hopefully the insurance companies will catch on soon.

They realized there are more than 54 million Americans labeled as unhealthy when in actuality they aren’t. And more than 30% in the normal range are actually unhealthy!

Take away – don’t stress over your BMI. Do you feel tighter? Clothes fitting better? Can you see definition? Do you have more energy? Are you eating healthy?

I saw a post the other day on Facebook… “Goal Weight: Sexy as Fuck.”  That’s what we should all strive for.  What’s healthy for my body, will be different from your body, from your friends’, coworkers and everyone else.  Strive for the weight that is right for you.  No comparisons allowed!

How else do you make the decision if you’re on the right course without using the dreaded BMI?BMI