So many moms cry on the first day back to school. And they cry happy tears. Yes, I cry, too. But mine are sad tears. It means the start of homework , more gymnastics practices, school activities. Less time to hang out and take it easy. It means ones less year I have with my girls. I don’t just love my kids, I like them too. They are awesome! They’ve been through so much and it has made them stronger.

Think about it.   We only get, say 20 years , with our kids. Part of that we’re teaching them how to eat, drink, brush their teeth and use the bathroom. They learn so much and are constantly changing the first, good 10 years. Yes, in their teenage years you always hear how they backtalk and carry on. Mine aren’t angels by any means. But they’re FUN! I love being with them. They have this sense of humor that just rocks and one of us is usually saying something that probably should not be said out loud 🙂

We laugh, we love, we learn, we grow, we have fun together. I wish every parent out there had the same outlook on parenting. My kids mean the world to me! And they know that I will pretty much do anything for them.

WP_20160816_06_43_53_ProSo yes, I cry every school year. It’s one less year I get to wake up to their sometimes smiling faces, hear about their day at school and all the drama with friends. To have a house full of giggling girls. To know that I get to come home to two people who love me, mistakes and all. Just like I love them.